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Size: 2.8 in x 1.5 in x 1.4 in

Weight: 4.0 oz

Country: Madagascar

Red Phantom Lovestar Crystal

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Candle quartz crystals are known for their luminous white appearance with small cascading features down their sides that often look like melted candles on their side. They are also know as lovestar crystals. Sometimes they will have hues of red and gold tinted with hematite inclusion. Their energy is high and strong and I have found them to have the energies of both elestial and cathedral quartz. They have a loving energy that is just amazing. Their Atlantean energy draws on stores of ancient wisdom. They are powerful meditation and manifestation spirits. They help you to connect to your higher self and connect to vast amounts of information, past, present and future. They are amazing healers, working on all levels. They bring you to levels of peace and contentment you did not know could exist.

Red phantom quartz crystals are rare; the bright red color is caused by hematite. Red phantoms are used to stimulate the first three chakras, to combine the energies in order to produce highly recognizable vitality directed toward creativity, intellectual advancement, and intuitive endeavors. In addition, the red phantom exhibits qualities similar to dioptase; it provides for stimulation of the intelligence of the cellular structure of the body such that the cells may recognize the reason for malfunction, in conditions of disease; it further provides the vitality and creativity for the correction of the malfunction. This crystal will be made available to those who are ready for the complex powers. Phantoms mark where we have been, allowing for reflection and the ability to see growth.

Candle quartz, pineapple quartz, Atlantean Lovestars, Celestial Quartz, a quartz formation of many names indeed! These names describe a beautiful quartz crystal formation of a main point with hundreds of tiny terminations all round them, almost like a coat. From the bottom you can sometimes see these formations form a ring around the main core quartz crystal.

The work I have done with these crystals has revealed that they truly do have Atlantean energy; deserve their name of Atlantean Lovestars. Atlantean Lovestars were said to grow like flowers in the Atlantean landscape. They were picked and given as heart gifts! Atlantean Lovestars are wise powerful heart, 4th Chakra, healers. The first type of this being was actually discovered in the Southern US and was considered very rare. Since that time, Atlantean Lovestars have been discovered in Brazil and Madagascar. The Madagascar Crystals are considered older and wiser. These crystals are also known as teachers as other crystal grow around her.

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