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Size: 1.7 in x 1.8 in x 1.25 in

Weight: 4.6 oz

Stone Type: Moqui Stones

Country: USA

Chakra: Root

Shaman Stone Moqui Ball Pair

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Moqui stones or balls are also known as Shaman Stones. They are named after the Moqui Indians that inhabited the area in which these were found. Their energy has a comforting feel to them, which will assist in meditations, yet they have a very earthy connection. They have been described as having an energy of a good friend. They create a sense of connection and piece. We use these stones in healing sessions to help harmonize the energy and keep the client grounded. Moqui stones are almost always sold in pairs, and often are referred to male and female stones as there are two distinct formations of the stones. A rounder form and a squat formation that reminds me of a UFO.

This interesting formations are found in the United States, the northern rim of the Grand Canyon in Utah. They have a different mineral composition that the surrounding stone, high in iron. They are said ot be made from a meteor impact, with sand at the center, and a crust of ironstone or magnetite, and can be slightly magnetic. These formations have strong grounding energy and are often used in healing and meditation sessions.

General Properties of Moqui Stones

Overall Healing -

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