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Size: 1.6 in x 0.75 in x 0.6 in

Weight: 0.4 oz

Stone Type: Smoky Citrine

Country: Namibia

Smoky Citrine Phantom Laser Crystal

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I love the golden smoky color of this crystal. The clear phantoms within were a nice surprise. This is a sweet pocket companion with wonderful grounding energy.

I practically fell on these lovely rich smoky morion quartz crystals from Namibia. Their color is completely natural, looking almost black in the hand, but just glow with rich color when held to the light. They all have a very unusual and distinct laser shape, wider at the base and a little narrower in depth than width. These crystals have profound grounding and protective energy keeping you in the here and now. They are companion crystals that will assist you on your soul's path.

Phantom quartz records the stages of growth of a crystal. Phantoms mark a time of no growth, where another mineral has settled on the surface before the crystal began to grow again. Sometimes they mark a different growing condition, creating bands of color, like smoky or amethyst phantoms. Because phantom quartz shows a record in time, they are perfect for those who wish to work with past life recall. They also help you to identify patterns, and the evolution of healing. This is especially helpful for those working through trauma or abuse. Often the same issues crop up over and over again, leading you to believe you are not making any progress. Phantom quartz helps you to look back and see the progress you have made. You may be working on the same issues but now from a higher perspective. Different inclusions will focus the energy in specific ways, for example smoky phantoms are particularly good in breaking old patterns and blockages.

Phantom quartz is especially good for children, assisting them with learning to meditate. Use phantom quartz during stressful periods, or periods of change to facilitate a more peaceful transition. It is also an excellent stone for assisting with healing from abuse issues. It helps one to see the progress in healing, and identify patterns.

Smoky citrine crystals are quite beautiful in formation and energy and are an unusual combination. Smoky citrine crystals can occur as a blend of the two or as citrine with smoky phantoms. Citrine helps to maintain the clarity of energy, lifting the energy of smoky quartz up through your energy system. They are a powerful combination to work with when embarking on new ventures, especially in business. It helps to remove obstacles, keeping your spirits high during times of adversity. By stimulating your positive energies is helps you to quickly overcome your challenges and curb self-limiting thoughts and actions. Continued work with smoky citrine helps to awaken the crown chakra and develop your intuition and other gifts.

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