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Size: 7.7 in x 6.3 in x 4.5 in

Weight: 3.9 lbs

Stone Type: Smoky Quartz

Country: Brazil

Chakra: Root

Smoky DT Elestial Quartz Cluster with Blue Tourmaline

$400.00 Item #3411
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This is a beautiful large cluster of double terminated smoky quartz crystals. Inclusions of alibite and blue tourmaline grace the surface of this large cluster. There is a lot to explore with this spirit. Etching, earthquake, rainbows just to name a few.

The energy is very grounded, calm and serene. The flow of energy is gentle, washing over you like waves from a calm ocean. This cluster has immense healing energy, working with you to resolve trauma from the past that can effect your everyday life. The ablite encourages introspection without judgement. The tourmaline opens you third eye to help you to unravel the messages you are receiving. A powerful meditation companion for an individual or a group.

A crystal with a point at each end is called double terminated (DT). It is believed that they have the ability to receive or transmit energy from both ends. They are used for alignment, patience, perseverance, protection, dreaming, and astral projection. Double terminated crystals strengthen energy flow, and are especially useful when you need to share or exchange energy between you and another person. Double terminated crystals are very important to people doing healing work for themselves or others.

Earthquake crystals are a general term we've coined for a type self healed crystals. The main body of the crystal has been completely shorn in two separate pieces, but has managed to reheal after the rending experience. The crack usually appears as a fault line running through the crystal. These crystals have been very useful in working with abusive trauma from childhood. They work well in giving a safe place to return to while one puts the pieces of their lives back together.

Blue tourmaline is also known as indicolite and is a rare color in the tourmaline world. Blue tourmaline in quartz is a very rare combination, and has been stated to be rarer than ajoite! Blue tourmaline has a soothing energy and works both the throat and third eye chakras. They are emotionally healing, helping you to detach from the situation so that healing may occur. It is especially healing for those suffering post traumatic stress. It has a tranquil energy that also revitalizes you when you need it most. Blue tourmaline is also known for its ability to open the third eye and enhance your higher awareness. It assists one to accept and trust their intuition. It also assists with communications working with one to verbalize both thoughts and emotions with greater ease. The presence of quartz amplifies the energy of the blue tourmaline.

Albite is a mineral that is often found combined with other minerals and crystals. Perfect since it amplifies and enhances any stone that it accompanies. It assists one to facilitate change, breaking down resistance and fears. It boosts confidence and courage and aids you to take action. It assists you to release old habits in favor of new patterns. It also stimulates the crown and third eye chakras, assisting you to assimilate new information more easily. It is said to be an excellent stone for dream work, astral traveling, and lucid dream work.

Smoky Quartz should be part of every healer’s collection. Smoky quartz has very joyous energy despite its grounding nature. It is an excellent stone to facilitate grounding especially during directed work with higher energy stones. It helps you feel comfortable in your own skin, relaxed and confident. It assists you to focus on the tasks at hand. Its beautiful energy provides strength and balance and helps you to achieve the same. During times of stress it helps to reign in wayward emotions and ward against nightmares. Smoky quartz also gives a boost to the bodies’ immune system.

General Properties of Smoky Quartz

Good For:
Stress -
Grounding -

Overall Healing -
Immune System -

Properties Specific to this Item

Good For:
Healer/Caregiver Support -
Trauma -

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