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Size: 0.9 in x 1.2 in x 0.8 in

Weight: 1 oz

Stone Type: Fluorite

Country: China

Striped Fluorite Skull Carving

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Fluorite is a beautiful mineral that comes in a wide array of vibrant colors. It is a soft stone making it absorbent for negative energies. We personally use fluorite to aid healing from colds and flu. It also helps to clear away the cobwebs, especially in the crown chakra. Due to its colorful nature, fluorite can work at all chakras. Please note it is a soft stone, and is prone to chipping, so is not compatible with keys or change in the pocket. It is also sensitive to the light and can fade with exposure.

Carved skulls are something we have not really carried before. Having different skulls in our presence, and the opportunity to study them, has given us a new appreciation for their deceptively simple form. There is much myth and legend around the carving of crystal skulls, some of the oldest are reportedly hundreds if not thousands of years old. What is no myth is the skill required to carve one. Some of the oldest are so well carved that they have researchers baffled by their existence. The ancient civilizations lacked the technology to carve hard quartz in such a detailed manner, and with the period tools available should have taken hundreds of years to complete! Skulls have been used to enhance meditation and some say that they assist to increase psychic energy. They are said to increase happiness and improve people’s lives just by having one in your presence. Skulls have long been used as a metaphor for creation.

Fluorite is a stable mineral of calcium fluorite, which displays with a wide range of colors most commonly occurring in purple, green, blue, pink, and yellow. Due to this wide color range it has incredible flexibility when working on the physical body. It mostly commonly forms in cubes crystals, but forms in other multisided crystals such as dodecahedrons. It often displays fantastic color zoning with multiple colors occurring in a specimen, often displaying phantom like formations. Fluorite often has awesome transparency, allowing the specimens to glow like jewels in the light. However fluorite is sensitive to bright light, so avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight. Many fluorites are fluorescent, and the phenomenon is named for this beautiful mineral. It is a relatively soft stone, although somewhat brittle, which makes it easy to polish into many shapes.

Fluorite is a versatile healer. Clearing negativity and infection it is an excellent choice for fighting off colds and flu. It also helps to strengthen bones and teeth, helping to repair the physical structure. In addition, fluorite can help dissolve arthritis crystals, especially purple fluorite. Its energy excels at the crown chakra bringing the mind into balance. It helps to dispel confusion and instability to foster coherent patterns. It also aids in concentration and memory.

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