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Size: 4.25 in x 2.5 in x 1.5 in

Weight: 7.7 oz

Stone Type: Calcite

Country: Peru

Mine: Cerro de Pasco

Chakra: Heart

Strong Heart Mangano Calcite Cluster

$45.00Item # 2435
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This piece has strong heart energies that wrap in love and comfort. Works well with group energies, perfect for anywhere people gather.

Mangano (manganoan) calcite has a soft pink color due to inclusions of manganese. It is mostly found in massive form, but occasionally crystalline formations can be found. Its soft pink hue is often accompanied by bands of white, making it challenging to photograph its subtle hues. Occasionally the manganese will create soft grey bands too. Interestingly mangano calcite glows fluorescent orange under a black light. Mangano calcite has soft angelic energy that is very nurturing for the self. It has a sweet energy like cotton candy clouds. It helps one release negative emotions while providing support and lifting your spirits. It is a stone that nurtures the nurturer. Its soothing energy helps to heal grief, helping you to remember love and diminish the sense of loss. It helps to fill the emptiness with divine love.

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