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Weight: 1.0 oz

Stone Type: Obsidian

Country: Mexico

Chakra: Root

Tumbled Rainbow Obsidian

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Tumbled stones measure between 0.6" - 1.2".

Rainbow obsidian is a striking variety of black obsidian. In this variety of obsidian the different colors are caused by different layers that have either cooled at different rates, or have slightly different impurities. Under dim light, it looks like it is nothing special, but catch the light on the surface in just the right way and vivid bands of blue, green, purple and gold are visible. While rainbow obsidian is grounding, it is uplifting too. It has a joyful energy, which is gentle yet persistent. I would almost call it subdued joy, brightening your outlook no matter how down you are feeling. It is soothing and you just don't want to put it down. It is a deep emotional healer and takes you on an amazing journey of healing. As you travel back through previous wounds, you find bits of yourself you have left behind. It is sometimes necessary to travel through your darkness before you burst forth into the light once more. Its energy starts at the root chakra working its way up through all of the chakras. It also has a protective energy, for when you feel the most vulnerable. Rainbow obsidian is a good tool for healers for its protective qualities and its assistance in clearing the healer’s aura after a healing session. It is also useful in healing bruising, broken bones, or other tissue trauma. It also helps stabilize the heart in stressful periods of time.

General Properties of Obsidian

Good For:
Infection -
Pain -
Grounding -
Protection -

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