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Weight: 1.0 oz

Stone Type: Sunstone

Country: India

Chakra: Sacral

Tumbled Sunstone

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Tumbled stones measure 0.8" - 1.0".

Sunstone is a gorgeous mineral in the feldspar family that is somewhat more uncommon that its cousins, moonstone and labradorite. Sunstone is known for its beautiful reddish orange color that shimmers in the light caused by inclusions of hematite. Sunstone works on the solar plexus but is strongest at the sacral chakra. Sunstone enlivens the system, enhancing personal power. It assists you to develop your leadership skills and take responsibility for the common good. It stimulates creativity and sexuality, bringing in your adventurous side to romance and artistic pursuits. One of sunstone's best energy qualities is the ability to increase vitality and courage and promote a more positive outlook. Lean on this energy to pick you up when you hit the bumps in the road that want to throw you off track. Sunstone strengthens your abilities of self-discipline, humility and service.

General Properties of Sunstone

Good For:
Fear -

Stomach -

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