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Size: 1.75 in x 1.55 in x 1.6 in

Weight: 3 oz

Country: Congo

Chakra: All

Unusual Carrollite & Chalcopyrite Formation

$28.00 Item #2458
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Colorful hues of peacock ore and the shiny grey metallic hues of carrollite sit nestled within a matrix of calcite. While carrollite & chalcopyrite both contain copper, chalcopyrite has traces of iron, while carrollite has traces of cobalt and nickel. It is an interesting mix of metallic minerals that help with the reabsorption of essential trace minerals your body needs. In combination of calcite this is a very energizing combination. This unusual mineral is from the Congo.

Chalcopyrite has an interesting energy that assists energy to move in the system, activating and clearing chakras. It has an uplifting energy, and is generally known as a very happy stone. It teaches one to questions what they see, for life is always changing. Its iridescent colors mimic the constantly shifting energies around us. It helps one to adapt and be more flexible. It helps to understand that our universe is what we perceive it to be, a concept that is not easy to grasp.

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