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Size: 0.8 in x 0.7 in x 0.8 in

Weight: 8 gr

Stone Type: Opal

Country: Ethiopia

Chakra: All

Welo Ethiopian Opal

$155.00 Item #2902
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I love the contrast of the white exterior and the bright orange-yellow interior like an egg. The surface dances with blues, greens and a hint of red over the surface. It has a very holographic effect. The pictures don't do justice the color play of this beautiful stone.

Opals are not a mineral we normally carry as they can be very costly. However we found a nice batch of opals with incredible fire for a reasonable price. The opals are from Delanta, Ethiopia, sometimes known as Welo Opals. They have incredible flashy fire that dances in the light, the camera just does not them do justice. The pictures are taken with the pieces dry. They are much more beautiful in person, we hand picked each piece for color and fire. The colors are stunning with a base color of blue-greens, creamy whites, or brilliant yellow. Throughout there are bright flashes of red and green fire. The energy is bright and clean aiding you to bring harmony back to your physical body. Opals help to stimulate the adrenal glands, countering exhaustion and fatigue. Their energy stimulates the senses, rekindling passion and awakening creativity.

The energy of opals vibrates on an emotional level, with slow soothing energies. Generally the energy is gentle and easily handled by those who are overwhelmed by higher vibrational stones. Opals are exceptional at balancing energy for those who are burdened with stress, assisting them to relax. Opals have a nurturing energy, with different colors providing a slightly different focus. Pink opals vibrate at the heart chakra allowing one to release tension, stress and trauma. Blue opals help calm the mind and quite restless thoughts allowing for peaceful sleep. White Opal assists one to calm the mind to provide clarity of thought and focus.

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