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Size: 2.2 in x 1.5 in x 0.9 in

Weight: 3 oz

Stone Type: Calcite

Country: Peru

Chakra: Solar Plexus

Bright Gold Honey Calcite Oval

$18.00 Item #2532
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This is a lovely and warm oval of golden yellow calcite from Peru. A small amount of matrix is still present in the oval. Smoothly rounded edges make this a versatile tool; hold it in your hand or use it as a massage tool.

Honey calcite is not as commonly found as some of the other calcites, which is a shame for it has beautiful color and energy. Its rich tones are a golden orange which are often translucent in the light. Its energy vibrates the strongest at the solar plexus. It helps you to balance issues of power and influence, bringing out your authority without fear of becoming overbearing. It helps one overcome restrictive thoughts, especially after abusive situations and encourages you to bloom to your fullest potential. It helps you to release the invisible ties that bind you, helping you stretch your wings and find yourself, encouraging self-confidence. Physically honey calcite helps to regulate the adrenal glands and some hormones helping to regain your physical energy.

Calcite is a family of calcium carbonates that occurs in a wide range of colors and formations. Most commonly it occurs in opaque masses but it can occur in a wide array of crystalline habits. Calcite is a soft mineral, with a Mohs hardness of 3. Because of its relative softness it is often carved or polished. Rough pieces are usually given an acid bath which softens the rough edges and give the stones a silky sheen. Calcite has an amazing energy that refreshes and revitalizes, yet is still gentle. They help to remove blockages and break up old patterns. The wide range of colors ensures there is a calcite for every chakra. These strong yet gentle healers are easy to work with no matter your age, and even vibrate well with our feathered and furry friends. Calcite is a great all round healer and can be found in a wide array of colors. Energize your body’s natural electrical system using this crystal in your hands, at your feet or chakra point. You may use spheres, eggs and wands for massage. Placing your feet on a large piece will energize the whole body out of sight. Calcite comes in many colors, forms and locations. It is a crystal of fantastic variety and each one has its own benefits. Due to its electrical nature, Calcite makes for a potent elixir. Calcite is a crystal to help one get out of ruts, or break through blockages on just about any level. It is also a crystal for ascension.

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