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Size: 3.75 in x 2.25 in x 1.5 in

Weight: 8.7 oz

Stone Type: Citrine

Country: Brazil

Chakra: All

Citrine and Indicolite Crystal w/RKs

$164.00 Item #2134
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This is one special crystal! It has a lovely soft golden color accented by rich deep blue needles of Indicolite (aka Blue Tourmaline) Inclusions of albite and a touch of mica break are imbedded in the surface and in some areas have created intricate etchings. But what I find completely amazing is the multitude of record keepers, both Atlantean and Lemurian (rounded edges vs clean lines). This spirit holds lots of information! He will work with you to bolster your confidence in your intuition.

Blue tourmaline has a soothing energy and works both the throat and third eye chakras. It is emotionally soothing, helping you to detach from the situation so that healing may occur.The citrine refines and amplifies the energy of the tourmaline creating an energy that is amazingly tranquil. The citrine revitalizes the spirit, but does not make you feel jumpy. It soothes stress and helps lift the emotional burdens on your system. It is highly soothing for extreme stress (including PST), trauma and anxiety. Blue tourmaline and citrine is especially good for anyone who has a long path of healing ahead of them, both physically and emotionally. It has a tranquil energy that also revitalizes you when you need it most. It helps to soothe the anxiety of the unknown and what the future will bring. It will boost your strength and courage to face the long hard days ahead. It will help bring moments of joy and peace when you need it the most. Blue tourmaline is also known for its ability to open the third eye and enhance your higher awareness. It assists one to accept and trust their intuition. It also assists with communications assisting one to verbalize both thoughts and emotions with greater ease. Citrine helps you to let go of your fear, and embrace your gifts.

A crystal that has pyramidal or triangular shaped symbols that are either engraved into or are raised on one or more of a crystal faces is called a Record Keeper (RK) or Recorder. These symbols are not easily seen and usually need to be searched out by looking at the crystal in a bright light while closely examining the faces. It is believed that the Record Keeper is one of the most sacred crystals because it holds the wisdom and knowledge of the universe. When a person is properly attuned to a Record Keeper, this knowledge is readily made available. This knowledge is ancient knowledge and contains profound secrets and esoteric knowledge of the whole of the Higher Consciousness. It takes an open mind and a pure heart to access this knowledge.

Natural citrine has long been one of our favorites of the quartz world. Iron inclusions in the quartz formations give rise to beautiful hues of yellow to yellow gold. This desirable color is often imitated by heat treating amethyst, which gives a more orange hue to the crystals. Natural citrine stimulates the solar plexus and crown chakras assisting one to bring higher vibrational energies into the physical body. It can give you an energetic pick up at any time by placing at your solar plexus and breathing deeply for a few minutes. Visualizing bright white energy streaming into your solar plexus will boost its effect. The warmth of citrine has a soothing effect that counters anxiety and stress. Personally, I use citrine in conjunction with labradorite to help keep panic/anxiety attacks at bay.

Citrine is also known as the "Merchant's Stone". It is quite helpful in acquiring and maintaining wealth. It is an excellent stone for clearing the aura and for aligning the auric body with the physical structure, diminishing the "muddy" areas in both the aura and the physical body. It can act to stabilize the emotions, to dispel anger, and to encourage one to "look toward the sunrise", the freshness of beginnings and the reality of excellence.

General Properties of Citrine

Good For:
Fear -
Abundance -
Anxiety -

Urinary System -
Digestive System -

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