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Size: 3 in x 2.5 in x 1.8 in

Weight: 12.3 oz

Stone Type: Citrine

Country: Brazil

Chakra: Solar Plexus

Rutilated Chlorite Included Citrine Point

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This is a beautiful point with nice golden citrine color. The interior moves with energy between the shimmering rutiles and the sparkling veils within. Puffs of white chlorite are also present.

Citrine with rutiles is a very energetic combination, with the rutiles boosting the energy of the citrine. They activate both the crown and solar plexus, strengthening the connection between the two. It helps to dispel illusions allowing you to see the truth. It bolsters analytical thoughts enhancing it with your intuition to grasp concepts with greater ease. Its energy also stimulates retention of information. Physically rutilated citrine helps you to overcome extreme exhaustion. It helps to balance hormones, stimulating the pituitary and adrenal glands.

Rutilated quartz is formed when titanium rich quartz cools from high temperatures and pressures ease. Rutile crystals begin to form, often as fine metallic strands trapped within the quartz. Rutiles are found in an array of metallic colors, usually gold, silver and copper, but on occasion vibrant oranges or greens are found. Rutilated quartz has a strong electromagnetic energy and stimulates flow through your spinal cord and balances your electromagnetic system. This helps to alleviate pain and numbness while aiding cellular regeneration. I have used rutilated quartz to greatly alleviate back pain from a car accident. Its stimulating energy bolsters your physical energy. It also brings the thyroid gland into balance. Rutilated Quartz can awaken your intuition and enhance your spiritual awareness.

The term chlorite actually encompasses a wide variety of minerals, which interestingly does not usually include chlorine as you might think. It is in the silicate family and is associated with clay. It is known for its beautiful formations within crystals, usually as phantoms and often bright green in color. Chlorite can appear red, yellow, white, lavender and black. Sometimes it forms in small crystals and give the appearance of moss within a crystal. Chlorite inclusions give crystals a has strong anti cancer properties. It is a very good crystal for physical regeneration as it helps us absorb and use the nutrients we take in. Chlorite enables our body to receive and use more efficiently the energy of the quartz while quartz itself amplifies the energy of the chlorite. Chlorite included quartz helps you to work through emotional issues and to discard thought of self-judgment and harsh self- criticism.

Natural citrine has long been one of our favorites of the quartz world. Iron inclusions in the quartz formations give rise to beautiful hues of yellow to yellow gold. This desirable color is often imitated by heat treating amethyst, which gives a more orange hue to the crystals. Natural citrine stimulates the solar plexus and crown chakras assisting one to bring higher vibrational energies into the physical body. It can give you an energetic pick up at any time by placing at your solar plexus and breathing deeply for a few minutes. Visualizing bright white energy streaming into your solar plexus will boost its effect. The warmth of citrine has a soothing effect that counters anxiety and stress. Personally, I use citrine in conjunction with labradorite to help keep panic/anxiety attacks at bay.

Citrine is also known as the "Merchant's Stone". It is quite helpful in acquiring and maintaining wealth. It is an excellent stone for clearing the aura and for aligning the auric body with the physical structure, diminishing the "muddy" areas in both the aura and the physical body. It can act to stabilize the emotions, to dispel anger, and to encourage one to "look toward the sunrise", the freshness of beginnings and the reality of excellence.

General Properties of Citrine

Good For:
Fear -
Abundance -
Anxiety -

Urinary System -
Digestive System -

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