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Size: 3.2 in x 2.3 in x 1.8 in

Weight: 5.2 oz

Stone Type: Quartz

Country: China

Mine: Guangdong Province

Self Healed Growth Interference Hematite Cluster

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This is a fascinating little cluster from China. There are two kinds of hematite inclusions, this is one to spend some time with. Around the base, clusters of hematite rosettes fill the areas between the two main quartz crystals. Specular hematite sprinkles the sides of these two crystals, while their terminations show a great deal of self healing where it contacted other crystals.

Growth interference quartz occurs when another mineral grows with a quartz crystal and then dissolves leaving behind a disrupted growth pattern in the quartz. Often the mineral is calcite. They appear to have deep cuts around the shaft made by a thin saw and in some cases appear to have had thin sheets of quartz cut and reattached off center. They often have the appearance of spiral growth patterns. Their high vibrational energy aligns the physical body and activates greater flow of energy through the chakras. They bolster the spirit to continue on both your spiritual journey and strive to reach your goals, no matter how many stops and starts you make. It assists one to remove of doubts and fears that inhibit forward progress.

A crystal is considered self healed when a partial piece of crystal or a complete crystal has sustained damage, yet continues to grow afterwards. Self-healing comes in many guises, usually where a crystal has been severed from its original growing condition, but can also occur where crystals have been bumped and bruised too. A self-healed crystal can be identified by the intricate etchings and/or multiple faces which emerge from the damaged areas. These crystals aid in any type of self-healing—physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual. Self-Healed crystals are highly compassionate with exceptional support for those working to overcome strong emotional issues or traumas. In addition they provide support when working to let go of negative addictions, be it a behavior, a person, or belief, food or chemical.

Hematite is the common name for a wide array of iron oxides. Hematite itself has several varieties; the most common is hematite plates that form as a rose, and the massive botryoidal form which is usually polished into a wide array of shapes. Besides natural deposits of hematite, it can also be found included in dirt, clay or crystals, usually giving the material an orange to red coloration. Hematite is a supreme weapon against unionized radiation. It is recommended that you wear it in disk or pendant form against the skin when working on or around computers and such. It saturates your aura with an energy that repels radiation. You will find you have much more energy as a result. Hematite helps keep you grounded and in the here and now. It cleanses blood and is good for keeping you focused on difficult tasks.

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