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Last Updated: Sept 1, 2015
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Fabulous Yellow Star Mica Quartz Formation
Healed Blue Tourmaline in Quartz Crystal
Large Druzy Agate Standing Point
Gorgeous White Phantom Harlequin Quartz Crystal
Large Sacred Black Shiva Lingam
Heartstopping Orange Creamsicle Calcite Sphere
Zambian Warrior Quartz Crystal
DT/ET Smoky Quartz Crystal
Charming Green Fluorite Palm Stone
Verdant Dioptase Freeform
Etched Cubic Lavendar Naica Fluorite
Warm Golden Citrine Twin Lightbrary w/Phantom
Semi Polished Labradorite Freeform
Pocket Sized DT Smoky Quartz Elestial
Purple and Green Polished Fluorite Slab
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Gorgeous Citrine Elestial w/Smoky Quartz
Gorgeous Citrine Elestial w/Smoky Quartz
This is a beautiful citrine elestial with rich smoky phantoms. The formation...
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