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Last Updated: 11/3/2014
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Fabulous DT/ET Lithium Phantom Tabby Quartz Crystal
Crystalline Rose Quartz on Etched Quartz
Luminious Green Kyanite Freeform
Citrine and Indicolite Crystal w/RKs
Glowing Citrine & Blue Tourmaline Crystal w/Albite and Mica
Large 12 Sided Rainbow DT Vogel Style Wand
Spectacular Rubellite Tourmaline & Gemmy Lepidolite Formation
Sweet Pale Pink Solution Morganite Crystal - BiColor
Stunning RARE Solution  Pink Morganite Crystal
Phenomenal Hitchhiker Large Lemurian Seed Dow Bridge Quartz Crystal
Stunning Rutilated Smoky Quartz w/ Rubellite Cluster
Radiant Phantom Smoky Citrine Cluster
Gorgeous Pale Phantom Citrine Point
Red Phantom Quartz Crystal w/ Epidote - Messina
Enchanting Smoky Phantom Enhydro Elestial
We just got back from our first trade show in over 3 years! and did we pick up some beautiful pieces... Read More
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Spectacular Rubellite Tourmaline & Gemmy Lepidolite Formation
Spectacular Rubellite Tourmaline & Gemmy Lepido...
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