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Last Updated: 05/22/2015
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Large Rutilated Smoky Quartz Formation
Green Tourmaline in Quartz Matrix
Rough Lepidocrosite Super Seven
Hand Size Blue-Green Tourmaline in Quartz
DT Ruby Kyanite Wand
Deep Green Tourmaline in Quartz
Rough Cacoxenite Amethyst Super Seven
Large Rutilated Citrine Point
Red & Green Phantom Quartz Point
Polished Golden Calcite Freeform
Nice DT Lithium Phantom Quartz
Blue Tourmaline Included Quartz
Chinese Red Hematite Included Laser
Clear Quartz Pendulums
Small Lemurian Seed Quartz Crystal
We've added quite a few new beauties! Thanks so much to every one for the love and support sinc... Read More
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Spectacular Rubellite Tourmaline & Gemmy Lepidolite Formation
Spectacular Rubellite Tourmaline & Gemmy Lepido...
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