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Last Updated: October 10, 2016
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Red Phantom Lovestar Crystal
Sweet Lilac Amethyst Spirit Quartz
Big Smoky Beta Morion Quartz Crystal
Vibrant Golden Spirit Quartz
Vivacous Golden Spirit Quartz Crystal
Soothing Rubellite in Smoky Quartz
Chunky Smoky Citrine Cluster
Bright Smoky Citrine Quartz Cluster with Mica
Radiant Smoky Citrine Crystal
Namibian Smoky Quartz Laser
Blue-Green Tourmaline in Quartz
Touch of Smoke Rainbow Herkimer Quartz Crystal
Joyous Rainbow Citrine Point
Contrasting Ametrine Slice
Golden Healer Herkimer Quartz Crystal
Stay tuned for Morion Quartz, Herkimers, Amethyst and more.

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Magnificent Large Rainbow Quartz Sphere
Magnificent Large Rainbow Quartz Sphere
We have a lot of history with this sphere. It first came to us many years ag...
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