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Last Updated: 6/18/2015
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Amethyst w/Pink Calcite Cluster
Large Gemmy Blue Celestite Cluster
Chunky Carbon Included DT Quartz Bracelets - Each
Stunning Amethyst w/Calcite Formation
White Hemimorphite Cluster w/Hematite
Large RK Self-Healed Tabby Quartz Crystal
Slender Pink Lemurian Seed Quartz Crystal
Lovely Large Deep Blue Angelite Nodule
Bright Clear Quartz Pyramid
White Phantom Quartz Point w/Keys
Wispy Phantom Quartz Point w/ Bridge
Light Smoky Quartz Crystal
Sweet Phantom Quartz Point
Glistening Rutilated Quartz Point
Rainbow Quartz Crystal w/Trigonic RK
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Gorgeous Citrine Elestial w/Smoky Quartz
Gorgeous Citrine Elestial w/Smoky Quartz
This is a beautiful citrine elestial with rich smoky phantoms. The formation...
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